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We dramatically improve the lives of business owners and their organizations.

Clear View Advantage Business Consulting
Clear View Advantage Business Consulting
Clear View Advantage Business Consulting

What clients typically experience from working with us:

  • Improved profit margins
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Access to data for informed financial decisions
  • Team alignment towards common goals
  • Control over a chaotic schedule
  • Seamless communication across the organization
  • Elimination of excuses and enhanced accountability
  • A happier and more productive work environment
Meet Amanda McKeen.

Amanda specializes in making teams more efficient, using automation to cut down on unnecessary tasks, and creating clear strategies that bring order to chaos. Her main goal is to create workplaces where collaboration and support are the norms, driving everyone towards success.

Amanda McKeen, Owner and Operations Consultant

"Amanda is a remarkably gifted problem solver and is amazing to work with. She is an active listener, interested in continually developing personally and professionally, and she helped our company develop the process to grow and scale. If there was a sixth star, I would give it to Clear View Advantage."

— Todd William, Founder, Reputation Rhino

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