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Why We Exist:

To empower you to live life to your fullest potential by helping you become a better steward of the most precious resource you have: Time.

Who We Serve:

Business owners who are lacking the time and/or resources to optimize their firm’s profitability by implementing an operating system that decreases overhead costs, increases employee retention and increases customer satisfaction.

Our Specialties:

Innovative Problem Solving

​Operations Strategy

Business Strategy

Change Implementation

Leadership Development

Employee Onboarding

Team Building

Employee Training


Data Analysis

Operations Audits

Amanda McKeen, Operations Consultant for Clear View Advantage
Meet Amanda McKeen, Owner & Operations Consultant.

Amanda specializes in making teams more efficient, using automation to cut down on unnecessary tasks, and creating clear strategies that bring order to chaos. Her main goal is to create workplaces where collaboration and support are the norms, driving everyone towards success.

With over 14 years of leadership experience, Amanda has spent most of her career helping startups and younger firms. She quickly saw the need for structure and developed custom systems to help them grow and become more profitable. She knows firsthand that having a solid operational system in place is crucial for boosting employee and customer satisfaction, increasing retention rates, and reducing stress on upper management and budgets.

She's worked with firms in different situations – some thriving and some barely making it. Through it all, Amanda has learned how to use technology and human resources to create an operations playbook that focuses on integrity, productivity, and profitability. She's got a gift for quickly identifying where businesses are struggling and creating customized strategies to fix those issues.

Amanda is all about teamwork and values collaboration in finding solutions. Integrity is a critical piece for her – she believes in being transparent and using accurate data to get desired results. Her ultimate mission is to empower individuals to succeed, and she aims to make workplaces better and happier.

Reflecting on her role as an Operations Consultant, Amanda initially thought her main job was to manage processes, a notion she finds a bit robotic. But over time, she's realized the importance of working with people. Today, Amanda's primary objective is to lead with empathy – understanding each team member, sharing in their experiences with change, and seeing each person as more than just a job title.

She's learned that applying empathy in leadership is key to gaining real respect and trust from the team – something she sees as essential for any successful business.


With her down-to-earth and empathetic approach, Amanda is committed to helping businesses excel operationally and creating workplaces where everyone can thrive.

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